The health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority. We have enhanced protocols around cleaning and sanitizing, service, and social distancing. Please see our full Health and Safety Policies and Procedures hand book here: 

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A warm welcome awaits you at The Penny Farthing Olde English Pub in the heart of Victoria’s Oak Bay Village. Here you’ll discover fires crackling in four fireplaces, rich dark wood, Victorian-etched glass doors and windows, a fascinating

collection of memorabilia and a fabulous bar.

Visit us for a break or lunch. Drop by for drinks after work. Meet for a cozy dinner. Gather around the bar or on the patio with the gang. The Penny offers you a true

English pub experience, right here in Victoria, BC.

2228 OAK BAY AVENUE, VICTORIA, BC   |   250-370-9008   |  MFIELD@VICPUBCO.CA

Please note we are not taking reservations for our patio at this time

The Penny Farthing Pub takes its name from the innovative bicycle of the 1870’s with an impossibly large front wheel coupled with a minuscule rear wheel. The immense height of the front wheel meant that the rider perched high above the street in order to both ride and control the bicycle.

The name of the bicycle comes from two low-value historical British coins: the penny, a large, heavy round coin, and a farthing (worth a quarter penny), a much smaller and lighter round coin. The silhouette of the penny farthing bicycle has come to represent the whimsical ambiance and adventurous, playful spirit of the late Victorian period and turn of the 19th century.

Join us on our newly extended patio that we share with Vis-a-Vis

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 2228 Oak Bay Ave,

Victoria, BC V8R 1G5

Tel: 250-370-9008


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